exhibited September 2014

Canberra Contemporary Artspace, Manuka, Canberra

My War project culminated in a solo show at Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Manuka in September 2014. All images on this page are from that exhibition, which consisted of mixed-media drawings pinned to the walls and, on the gallery floor,a burnt wood and rice paper installation.

I worked predominantly with charcoal and ink to produce this rather gloomy body of work. When I was making in 2014 much of the news was centred around the upcoming 100 year anniversary of World War One and the continuing conflicts in the Middle East and terrorism.

All the drawings pictured here are mixed-media on paper, each one approximately 59 x 84cm.

installation view

Installation view

This was my exhibition statement:

"This year my attention has, unexpectedly, been focused on gasmasks and guns. As a peaceful pacifist who has never been in a fight, I'm not sure why I found the overload of violent imagery in the media and online so fascinating.

I tried to change topics, but after several abortive attempts at making happy paintings, I decided to stop questioning my instincts and just draw. This mixed-media installation is the result."

Installation view