exhibited May 2015

M16 Artspace, Griffith, Canberra

In 2015 I won the M16 Eep! Emerging Artist Award. The prize was the use of Gallery 03 at M16 Artspace in Canberra. So, thanks to this great prize, I had a solo show at M16 Artspace in May, 2015.

For the exhibition I produced a new body of work using older pieces I had made for the journeys project. The Gallery 03 space consists of one long exhibition wall, so I worked to make a piece that would fit the unusual space. The end result was one work made from 54 individual panels. When installed the panels made a sixteen metre long artwork, that was 1.8 metres in height.

Due to the narrowness of the gallery space it was impossible to get one photo of the entire work, but here are some installation views, and some close up shots of individual panels.

Installation view

Installation view

This was my catalogue statement:

"Back in 2012, I made a body of artwork about the explorer Charles Sturt and his quixotic quest in search of an inland sea. I found Sturt's journey and his written account fascinating because of the tension between Sturt's fanciful dreams and the reality of Australia's harsh desert interior.

At the end of the year I packed all the work away. The large stack of drawings sat gathering dust under a bed in my parents' house for two years. For this exhibition, entitled Mirage, I hauled all the old drawings out and have used them as the basis for a new mixed-media installation. I tore up, collaged, rearranged and drew back over the old work. The final installation incorporates a very wide range of materials: ink, charcoal, acrylic, sand, rust, feathers, watercolours and more.

The exhibition is called Mirage because I wanted to capture the strange mix of disintegration, fragmentation, disillusionment and hope that Sturt must have felt when looking at the shimmering but waterless desert."