My Journeys project, where I followed in the footsteps of explorer Charles Sturt, was the basis of my honours year at the Australian National University.

The images I have included here are details of works on paper, photos taken while camping in the desert, and installation shots of mini-exhibitions I put together in the art school.

During the year I produced a vast amount of work, the installation view here, which shows an installation comprised of 36 A1 sized drawings, was only a fraction of the work. The majority of that I produced was unresolved, experimental, and 'studenty'. But my art-making improved dramatically during the year and I managed to scrap together First Class Honours.

installation view

Installation view. Size of installation(approx): 7 metres by 2.5 metres

mixed media on paper

A small part of this body of work was exhibited in the 2012 ANU School of Art Graduate Exhibition. This is my statement from the exhibition catalogue:

"Dreaming of a glittering inland sea, explorer Charles Sturt transported a boat into the deserts of central Australia. Hope faltered when confronted with the reality of dry red sand and empty horizon lines, Sturt wrote "we crossed sand-ridge after sand-ridge only to meet disappointment".

Mirages and unfulfilled hopes are fascinating to me. Sturt's journal was the inspiration for my honours project."