Drawing Australian Gliders

Published in 2022, Drawing Australian Gliders was initiated by the Kanangra-Boyd to Wyangala Conservation Partnership, which is one of the regional partners of the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative.

This book combines art and natural history to promote a greater understanding of the amazing Australian gliders. It includes drawings, photos and information about three different gliders, the Feathertail Glider, Sugar Glider and Greater Glider. It shows how to look closely at gliders with an artist's eye, and then create your own artworks, whether these be life-like or more fanciful.

The book includes species accounts by ecologists Peter and Judy Smith.

cover of glider book

Drawing Australian Gliders will be launched at Taronga Zoo in August 2022, and will then be available in local bookshops.

Please email with any enquiries, or to order a copy of the book (price $20 including postage and handling):


Additional worksheets and colouring in sheets(PDF format):