Kate Smith

artist and maker

welcome to my online portfolio


I am a visual artist living and working in Canberra, Australia. My studio practice revolves around drawing and installation, with a focus on producing work for exhibition. I have held five solo shows in the last three years.

My work is explorative and research-led. Each exhibition, or body of work, represents an investigation into a particular concept or subject matter, such as explorer Charles Sturt and his quest for an inland sea(mirage), the imagery of war (war), bushfires in the Blue Mountains (fire). The common thread running through these seemingly diverse topics is an intermingling of story, myth and landscape, which inspires me to continue making and experimenting.

I predominantly make mixed-media works on paper. I love combining traditional materials like ink and charcoal, with unconventional methods such as rust printing, coffee stains and found materials. See rust and abstract.

I attended art school in Adelaide and Canberra, where I majored in printmaking and drawing.

Please contact me with any queries.